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Biographie CCTV Camera is a system in which all elements – from the cameras to the recording devices – are directly connected in order to keep the video from being broadcast over public airwaves and on a closed circuit.

Solar Camera operates on battery power, but the battery is kept charged by sunlight. Most solar cameras require both a battery and a solar panel to function without the need to manually recharge your device.

4G Camera is a mobile monitoring camera that uses 4G LTE network to deliver live viewing and send instant alerts.

Wireless Camera is closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera that transmits a video and audio signal to a wireless receiver through a radio band.

CCTV systems involve a network of cameras with a central recording hub to provide security from intruders and can be used in either residential, commercial or industrial settings.

Wind and solar hybrid monitoring system is a monitoring application system of maglev vertical axis wind turbine and solar energy combined power generation.

A Home Monitoring System is a group of physical electronic components that all work together to protect a home.

Car Monitoring System consists of an electronic device or number of devices installed in a vehicle to monitor driver activities and help identify behaviors such as excessive speed, harsh braking, rapid acceleration or drowsy driving.

With a Nanny Monitoring System, you will be able to prevent the final eventual through the regular monitoring of her behavior, once you suspect any problem from her which can cause harm to your child, you can either correct her straight away or sent her back to the agent.

CCTV accessories are components that assemble and maintain a CCTV system to ensure that the CCTV is robust and durable. 
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