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Biographie Affordable Full-Size Upholstery Platform Beds

Small beds such as twins are meant for one person. A full-size platform bed offers an excellent option to upgrade from these small ones. They are suitable when one has limited space, but they still want a bed that is a bit more spacious. One of the types to choose from is the upholstered platform beds. They are stylish and will easily transform a room. Also, there are varieties of upholstery options.

Middleburg Upholstered Platform Bed

For a luxurious addition to your bedroom, this is an excellent option. It is built of durable metal with slim yet sturdy legs and is covered in faux leather. When you decide to sit up in bed, you have a comfortable headboard to lean on. It is a padded button-tufted one for your comfort. It comes with a sturdy slat kit that does not require a box spring to support a mattress, but it can be paired with one. A foam mattress is a perfect option. Center supports are also included, and this platform bed full has a clearance of 11 inches.

Briana Upholstered Platform Bed

The Briana full-size platform bed offers about seven inches of clearance. What makes it outstanding is its wingback padded headboard with button detailing. It is what adds elegance to the room. You can comfortably sit up in bed, whether it is for a short or long period. If you are looking for a mid-century chic feel in the bedroom, this full platform bed will be ideal. While the upholstery is polyester, the slats are made of solid and manufactured wood. Besides, it comes with a footboard and center support legs to enhance stability and comfort. Every purchase comes with a five-year warranty, and a box spring is not needed. Assembling it should not be complicated as simple instructions are included.

Roger Upholstered Platform Bed

Emphasizing elegance in a bedroom is easy with this platform bed full, crafted of manufactured wood. The upholstery is 100% polyester, and it makes a comfortable place to lean on. The button detailing on the fabric adds sophistication to give the space an elegant appeal. The headboard is included in the purchase, and the good news is that a box spring will be unnecessary. It is alright to be worried about the sagging and the life of your mattress. In this case, there is no need to worry. The Roger upholstered full platform bed comes with well-spaced slats to take care of the mattress.


Choosing the right full size platform bed will add sophistication to the bedroom. Upholstered ones are excellent when it comes to this as you can choose the preferred fabric, color, and design. The upholstery enhances comfort, especially if you enjoy sitting up in bed. Whether you prefer genuine or faux leather or even polyester, there are plenty of full platform beds to choose from. One thing you should learn though is how to take care of the bed to maintain its glamour. 
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